Formentera: cultural hall (sala de cultura), 2008

Biomorfosis: Sixty 70x70 cm prints, brush drawn with India ink and 10 pieces of silver jewelry.
A study of natural forms: cells, molecules, invertebrates. Growth patterns, coral, lichens, seeds, jellyfish, radiolaria and diatoms...


Morfologia sperimentale di un'isola infinita

Ibiza: Museo Arte Contemporaneo, 2005

There is an inner landscape that we project outward in every moment. There is an exterior world that forges our soul with every stimulus emitted. It is a flow of tides, an osmosis. It is difficult to establish the boundary, the line that marks the separation between outside and in, interior and exterior, me and the world.


Formentera Walkabout cap.II

Festival Pronostica, 2003

The project proposes the presentation of various elements found on different journeys, or on walks across the island of Formentera, microcosm in which the author's life takes place and develops.


Thasonomia formenterensis

Festival Pronostica, 2003

I participate in the project "Thasonomia Formenterensis" in the 2002 edition of Valencia Observatori's contemporary art festival, as a catalog project. It is the documentation of a work of ephemeral land art, a detailed analysis of the scene of intervention: a circle of stones defined and reorganized with objects and material from its interior. An analysis of the present, of order and disorder, of natural structures and their change over time